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Dear Friend,

When things change quickly.. do you F.E.A.R OR F.E.A.R? (F)ace (E)verything (A)nd (R)ise, or (F)ear (E)verything (A)nd (R)un.

I've had my fair share of moments in my life where I could not answer that question without hesitating a clear answer. To be honest, this is an every day question I ask myself. Contrary to popular belief, there are times when you do have to decide to let go. As well as times when you have to keep pushing forward no matter the circumstances. When the unexpected happens, it's hard sometimes to decide to "take the bull by the horns" or to throw your hands up and say "Forget it, I'm done! F This, I'm out!".

The truth of this scenario depends on the situation, and what is important in your world. Sometimes it's best to redirect, and sometimes it's best to step up with resilience. With either way you choose, the result can be different. It is a case by case scenario with each individuals response to the situation at hand, and what you believe is right.

The best decision lies in your ability to see the importance in how you respond, and how you TRULY FEEL. The choice can affect your life moving forward. Weigh all the options, and make your decision wisely. The result of either choice is a result you have to be willing to face.

If you feel this resonates with you, I ask a short favor to share in anyway possible. Thank you for your support.



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